Data History

The information contained in the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance’s (KREF’s) online searchable database begins with financial records from 1998. The records in the database are gathered from the financial reports submitted to the Registry from candidates, Kentucky permanent committees (PACs), executive committees, issues committees, and gubernatorial exploratory committees.

Prior to 2000, all financial transactions were manually entered into the computer system for PACs and executive committees. Currently, in order to provide financial information in a timely manner, only summary records are manually entered into the database for PAC and executive committee receipts and disbursements. The Registry is currently analyzing electronic filing for PAC and executive committees.

All receipts records are entered into the database for candidates. Again, the disbursement transactions for candidates are manually entered into the database as summary records for the purpose of timely disclosure. However, if candidates submit financial records by using electronic filing software, the disbursement figures are electronically entered as detailed records.