Receipts File Layout

Description: The text file contains the receipt information, extracted from the financial reports submitted to the Registry of Election Finance. The extract file is a delimited file, with each field separated by semicolons (;).

NOTE: If an entry error was made and a semi-colon was keyed into a record, this will result in erroneous file import.

Field Description Notes
(See below)
A Transaction Type RECEIPT J
B Election Date Election Date A
C Office Sought Office Sought A,B
D Location of Office Location of Office A,B
E Name Prefix Name Prefix C,D
F Last Name Last Name C,D
G First Name First Name C,D
H Middle Name Middle Name C,D
I Name Suffix Name Suffix C,D
J Party Affiliation Party Affiliation E
K Report Due Date Report Due Date  
L Statement Type Statement Type J
M Name Contributor Name J
N Address1 Contributor Address J
O Address 2 Contributor Address 2 J
P City Contributor City J
Q State Contributor State J
R Zip Contributor Zip J
S Transaction Category Type of Contributor F
T Form of Transaction Form of Contribution G
U Occupation Occupation of Contributor J
V Employer Employer of Contributor J
W Congressional District Congressional Dist. of Contributor J,K
X Transaction Amount Amount of Contribution  
Y Date of Transaction Date of Transaction  
Z Spouse's Name Spouse's Name L
AA Spouse's Occupation Spouse's Occupation L
AB Spouse's Employer Spouse's Employer L
AC Organization Name Name of Organization filing report H
AD N/A N/A  
AE Transaction Mode How contribution was received I

Receipts File Notes

Election Date may not be present for reports filed by certain organizations, whose filing schedule is not based on an election, such as State PAC's.


Office sought, location of the office will not be present for certain non-candidate organizations.


If the data is for a candidate, it contains the name of the candidate. If the data is for an organization, it contains the name of the organizations chair.


Name prefix examples are: Mr., Mrs., Dr., etc. Name suffix examples are: Jr., Sr., III, etc. Middle name may be an initial, a name or a nickname.


Party affiliation may not be present for some organizations, such as State Pacs.


Type of Contributors will categorize from whom the contribution was received, and may include: State Pac, Individual,


Form of contribution describes the form by which the contribution was made and includes: Monetary, InKind, and NSF.


Organization Name will not be present if the data is for a candidate or slate.


Transaction Mode defines how the receipt was conveyed, and may include: Direct, Loan, Event-Fundraising, and Fundraiser Person.


Transaction Type will be set to "BCF" for Balance Carry Forward transactions. Remaining fields noted by the letter "J" will be blank for BCF transactions.


Congressional District is only used for Slate data.


Field is required from statewide candidates.